Trend Aviation is able to provide a wide range of coordination and representative services by working together with handling companies so as to achieve our customers goals and more important by keeping the cost down.

Customer support is given the highest priority. Therefore, the company specialises in consultancy services for the optimisation of quality in all fields of aviation ground handling.

We offer performance enhancement in the following areas:

Aircraft handling

- Ground Procedures

- Turnaround management

- Punctuality improvement

We understand how critical it is to keep the aircraft turnaround times to a minimum. On-time departures provide you with cost savings and greater passenger satisfaction. Delays affect the rest of the daily operation.

- For optimizing the ground time and limiting delays we have implemented some effective procedures. To ensure punctuality, safety and quality
we undertake the supervision of all ramp activities. Disembarkation and Boarding of Passengers, Loading / Unloading of Baggages.

- We ensure that all services (fuelling, cleaning e.t.c) will be ready to act immediately for a quick turnaround. Due to an excellent relationship
reinforced through the years of experience with airport staff (CAA, Fuel Companies) we get a consistent and improved level of services in
very difficult situations too.

- We cooperate with crews for any special requirements e.g. extra cleaning, special catering.

- We have full control and a complete overview of all turnaround related information.

Detailed analysis of current processes, involvement and delegation

As today the conditions in the markets and in business organisations are changing more often and more radically than ever before, the duties across the workforce can become less well defined.

Everybody's doing someone else's job in order to reduce the cost. For this reason in the aviation market as well, most of the daily operational procedures have been outsourced to third parties.

The effective implementation of this daily workflow for having successful results depends on teamwork. Experience has also proven that even minor mistakes to existing procedures can have a big impact on the daily operation. To reduce risk, we take action before a minor problem will lead to a major failure. Therefore we analyze, monitor, involve and delegate on a 24 hour-basis.

Once the target is selected we define the parameters. We prioritise the tasks that have to be accomplished according to their importance and urgency. When we identify the problem, we will carefully analyze the causes, discuss them and finally advice and support by giving you solutions. We monitor all the daily current processes. We never take satisfactory performance for granted. We use the information technology systems to check directly what is happening at any stage. This gives us also the opportunity to assess personal abilities and supply you with specific small tricks and consummate skill to improve your performance. There are a number of ways in which we review your performance. Through written reports, daily and monthly statistics and personal observations we analyze your achievements and in case something got wrong we analyze the reasons, give you feedback and ensure that similar mistakes will be avoided in the future.

Flight Coordination

- Liaison between carrier and all airport departments.

- Coordination, 24-hour Flight Monitoring, SITA Management, editing and correcting of all operational messages issued by handling agents. Ensuring that all the appropriate messages will be sent on-time.

- Daily, weekly and monthly statistics for a clear view of performance.

- Following up all procedures during irregularities and providing fast solutions in case of delays, cancellations, diversions including transportation,meals, hotel accommodation.

- Liaise with handling agents for any discrepancies related to flight operations and delays, which will immediately be transmitted to the airline with complete report.

- We provide our supplier a full detailed report about station issues concerning changes in infrastructure, strikes, new airport rules, new State Laws regarding Aviation.

- We intervene in case of complaint letters involving difficult situations with dissatisfied passengers. We ask and get statements on behalf of customer relations department in order to avoid charges for our client.

- We intermediate for lost and found special cases and problems. We clarify the requested cases and ask for invoice details.

- We transmit statements from our stations to our clients regarding quality reports ensuring that these will be answered within a short time.

- Inspection of all ground handling activities to ensure punctuality, quality, safety, security.

- On-Time Performance. We improve the efficiency of the airside operations and ensure that all services will be ready to act immediately for a quick turnaround.

- Supervision of passenger check-in to assure that adequate processes are conducted to achieve optimal results.

- Cooperation with crews for any special requirements such as extra cleaning, fuelling, wheelchair passengers.

- Support and assist the Airline Passenger Service Management for irregularities such as booking discrepancies, AOG, Delays, Diversions, special Pax service cases e.g. open payments.

- Get information and details from the station regarding invoices which need to be clarified for the accounting department.

- Passport, Visa and Documentation support for Non-Schengen destinations.

A long journey from inception to delivery

We are also well prepared for crisis management in case of emergency. We make decisions and act rapidly after a quick analysis when we have to deal with difficult situations.

- We identify the problem.

- We carefully analyze what is the cause of the problem and the events that led to the problem.

- We communicate and build a guideline.

- We develop a plan.

- We implement it.

- We maintain and test.

Each problem has its difficulty and we regard it as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Airport Relations / Ground handling cost savings

Airport relations in order to have a strong base during difficult situations.

Special actions for saving costs and improving customer satisfaction.

We, in Trend Aviation build relationships based on trust. The results speak for themselves as we have excellent communication with Ground Handling Companies, Fuel Companies, Civil Aviation Authorities in order to have the best service and support under difficult circumstances avoiding further delays or bad Passenger Handling which is a serious cost saving for the carrier and also contributes to keeping the company's public image solid and intact, as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Also in special cases, when the carrier needs an additional service in a contract on an existing destination or is making negotiations when about to open a new destination, we get better conditions in this contract. Through good connections and relations a better price in the contract is achieved. This results in reducing the cost of the daily operation of the customer.
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