The management of Trend Aviation consists of team specialists having a tremendous wealth of knowledge in various areas in Airline business. Not only the long experience but also our range of skills and expertise enable us to support and advice you providing round-the-clock services.

All consultants of Trend Aviation have either worked abroad all over Europe or they have managed projects for many international customers. These experiences have provided them an outstanding knowledge and understanding of different cultures and mentalities. They are fully aware of all intercultural particularities as well as on how people work and react every day, always finding a way to communicate and face the challenge.

We, in Trend Aviation Services do have something in common: We're all addicted to the airline business and we know what being in the aviation market entails.

With know-how gained through the years, we recognize customer’s requirements and we are able to use this considerable knowledge to build up a good relationship and trust with people especially when it comes to a field in areas with different mentality. With our increased flexibility we meet client’s requests within a short time.

We have developed a holistic strategy which could turn the impossible into reality. While its member has his own strength, ability and a key role and responsibility within the team, as a team we work together and apply our sufficient resources and our varied expertise creatively and productively when we have to deal with difficult situations.

- We discuss all possible approaches to an issue

- We assess ideas

- We make decisions, act quickly and work towards the target together.

Working together as a team, we emphasize on processes to reduce production time and costs while delivering the best value and quality to our clients.

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