We perform station inspections and audits for aviation quality assurance and internal standards.

Station setup

By establishing a new destination we set up the company's systems to monitor product quality. We create and maintain the appropriate environment and enable personnel to be fully involved and achieve their objectives. Targets are vital to the whole teamwork process. We ensure that a product is delivered to the satisfaction of the client, schedules and procedures are adhered to, and that standards are met.


The continual improvement of the handling company's performance remains our permanent objective. Through systematic strategies and statistics we attend if all requirements and quality related activities are carried out and performed effectively. In case of a continuous problem we visit the station for an inspection. Once the task is defined we implement carrier's policies, monitor the progress and respond constructively where action is needed.

Pre – Audits

To assure the protection of passengers and airlines our Auditor makes a survey before starting a new route and opening the station on behalf of the airline. He observes and determines if a handling agent fulfills the requirements by resourcing staff’s productivity, security procedures and airport facilities.


Indentifying and testing the personnel in order to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of efficiency. We interrupt faulty processes and with a systematic program we provide solutions that all requirements and quality related activities will be carried out successfully.

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